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A Little About Us..

Thank you for your interest in All About Kidz Child Development and Learning Center.  We assist in helping children to acquire a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for school success.  We believe that an effective childcare environment is a place where children feel well cared for and safe.  Our center is a place where children are valued as individuals and where their need for attention, approval, and affection are supported.  In this environment, children can discover the world that surrounds them, and develop the capacity to connect with others.

All About Kidz is a member of PACCA, NAEYC, and is a Keystone STARS facility that possesses the highest level of a 4.  Keystone STARS is a continuous quality improvement program that supports early learning programs in their commitment to providing quality learning to your child.  At each level of the program, we are required to meet certain research-based quality standards that measure four areas which make a difference in the quality of care that your child receives.  These levels include, but are not limited to: Staff Education, Learning Environment, Leadership Management, and Family and Community Partnerships.  For more information on Keystone STARS, please visit  

All of the teachers and staff at All About Kidz are trained in CPR, 1st Aid, Fire Safety, Child Abuse Mandated Reporter, and are also trained in ten health and safety courses, as well as mandated to attend one observation, 6 hours of DHS approved training, and 18 hours of Keystone STARS approved trainings throughout each year.  All of the hours that they accumulate are mandated to be renewed yearly. 


Also, we are proud to announce that 80% of the teachers at All About Kidz has obtained or is diligently working hard towards a degree in the Early Childhood Field.



We now accept credit cards!!

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All About Kidz has chosen the Highscope COR Advantage Assessment that the teachers use in ALL of our classrooms to help collect and organize observations.  We then use the collected observations to analyze and track learning trends, build developmental portfolios, and create individually tailored lesson plans. These assessments are done on an every 6 month basis and all results and information are shared with every parent. For more information on COR, please see the link below.


Funshine Express Curriculum provides stimulating and professionally designed activities for children ages 0-5. The curriculum activities are designed to address established early learning goals and standards throughout childcare centers across the U.S. Each classroom curriculum will work on specific themes and concepts, vocabulary words, sign language, and songs. Also, it provides a complete list of ideas for hands-on activities, as well as a full day after day curriculum that teaches in all areas such as Math, Science, Social Awareness, Language, Fine/Goss Motor Development, and Creative Arts.  For more information on Funshine Express Curriculum, please see the link below.



COR Assessment Information

Funshine Express Infant/Toddler

Funshine Express Preschool

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